W/C 15th March

This week has been really lovely in class. We have focussed on settling back into routines and normal lessons.

On Monday, we read the final two chapters of Spiderwick Chronicles and across the week we looked at the features of a good story ending. After lunch on Monday, we enjoyed a guided meditation. Many of the children enjoyed the opportunity to stop and just take some time to be calm and quiet.

On Tuesday, in maths we looked at translations and coordinates. For our PE lesson we complete one of the South Yorkshire School Games activities. In groups, we created maps of the school playground and created physical challenges at places around the school site. There were lots of fun challenges including squats, burpees, star jumps amongst many others!

Wednesday, we explored the ancient cities of the Maya. It was interesting to act like historians and think about what the evidence told us about the Maya. The cities had many amazing buildings with intricately carved stone.

On Thursday, we moved on to reflections in maths. We also enjoyed a computing lesson with Mrs Sadler.

Friday, we looked at the use of apostrophes in English and focussed on how to use apostrophes for plural possession. Friday afternoon, we enjoyed some RE painting- re-creating an image of the cross in the sunset.