Science Week: Curiosity Box

On Wednesday, we had full day of science! We enjoyed exploring our science topic of Evolution and Inheritance in the field of Genetics. We received a letter from a boy called Chris who has just been given a diagnosis of Retinitis Pigmentosa. He wanted to know more about his condition. We explored how we inherit different characteristics and made our own genetic key chain. After this we considered which characteristics were most popular by creating our class tree of characteristics. We then used pom poms to model how genes are passed through a family tree. It was interesting to notice how different each child can be despite starting with same genetic great-grandparents.

In the afternoon, we got to see what it is like to live with Retinitis Pigmentosa and tried doing lots of basic tasks. We quickly realised it must be a real challenge to live with the condition. We then did some genetic testing to find out which family members inherited the gene and explored using gene therapy to correct the ‘faulty genes’. The whole day was amazing and we really enjoyed it. Thank you to our amazing visitors!