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W/C 15th March

This week has been really lovely in class. We have focussed on settling back into routines and normal lessons.

On Monday, we read the final two chapters of Spiderwick Chronicles and across the week we looked at the features of a good story ending. After lunch on Monday, we enjoyed a guided meditation. Many of the children enjoyed the opportunity to stop and just take some time to be calm and quiet.

On Tuesday, in maths we looked at translations and coordinates. For our PE lesson we complete one of the South Yorkshire School Games activities. In groups, we created maps of the school playground and created physical challenges at places around the school site. There were lots of fun challenges including squats, burpees, star jumps amongst many others!

Wednesday, we explored the ancient cities of the Maya. It was interesting to act like historians and think about what the evidence told us about the Maya. The cities had many amazing buildings with intricately carved stone.

On Thursday, we moved on to reflections in maths. We also enjoyed a computing lesson with Mrs Sadler.

Friday, we looked at the use of apostrophes in English and focussed on how to use apostrophes for plural possession. Friday afternoon, we enjoyed some RE painting- re-creating an image of the cross in the sunset.

It’s (almost) Christmas!

This week has been so lovely with all the children enjoying all the different christmassy activities. We’ve solved mysteries, had parties, watched the film of our class novel, watched a pantomime, had Christmas dinner, made decorations and calendars- it’s been so busy!

I just want to say a huge thankyou for presents and cards that children have brought for me. It has been a really wonderful term with all the children in Y5/6 and I can’t wait to see what we get up to next year!

Remember to look out for the Christmas nativities, carol service and activities on Google Classroom for home learning on Monday and Tuesday next week.

Have a wonderful Christmas,

Miss Cheetham x

Christmas Jumper Day

This Friday is Save the Children Christmas jumper day.
The children will be taking part in a Santa Dash around the school grounds and are invited to wear a Christmas jumper with their school uniform and trainers. We would be grateful for donations to Save the Children via Parentpay.
Thank you for your support.

Reverse Advent Calendar

This year we are inviting families to contribute to our reverse Advent calendar for the St Wilfrid’s Centre. If you are able to, please bring into school any of the items listed below. These items will then be quarantined before being donated. Thank you for your support.

Y5/6 this week

Y5/6 have been amazing this week. We have been doing some assessments and the attitude to these has been great. The children have all be really focused and enjoyed somethign different each afternoon. On Monday we enjoyed doing some advent art, Tuesday we had a wonderful Science workshop via Zoom, Wednesday we did some Amazon deforestation posters, Thursday Y6 practiced the nativity and Y5 continued work on their amazing projects, Friday we had a lady come to do sports hall athletics. I think we all deserve a lovely rest this weekend!

Y6 Team Building

We all enjoyed spending time together this morning working on challenges in teams.  First, we had to communicate and cooperate to get in height and then birthday order without moving off the line on the playground.

Next we had to work as a team to travel across the river using three pieces of newspaper without stepping in the water. There were some very clever ways of crossing, including piggy-backs! Well done everyone!

Y5/6 this week

It has been a very busy week in Y5/6.

Our Y6’s have really enjoyed taking part in Bikeability. In English we have been looking at non-chronological reports and today we completed our big write, creating a report all about the yellow-spotted lizard. The feared (although fictional) creature from our class text: Holes. In Y5 maths we have started our new unit on addition and subtraction as well as revising some knowledge on Roman Numerals. In science we have been thinking about nutrition and we compared different breakfast cereals. Some were quite interesting! In RE we thought about the question Who am I?

Have a wonderful weekend,

Miss Cheetham