Christmas Jumper Day

This Friday is Save the Children Christmas jumper day.
The children will be taking part in a Santa Dash around the school grounds and are invited to wear a Christmas jumper with their school uniform and trainers. We would be grateful for donations to Save the Children via Parentpay.
Thank you for your support.

Reverse Advent Calendar

This year we are inviting families to contribute to our reverse Advent calendar for the St Wilfrid’s Centre. If you are able to, please bring into school any of the items listed below. These items will then be quarantined before being donated. Thank you for your support.

Y5/6 this week

Y5/6 have been amazing this week. We have been doing some assessments and the attitude to these has been great. The children have all be really focused and enjoyed somethign different each afternoon. On Monday we enjoyed doing some advent art, Tuesday we had a wonderful Science workshop via Zoom, Wednesday we did some Amazon deforestation posters, Thursday Y6 practiced the nativity and Y5 continued work on their amazing projects, Friday we had a lady come to do sports hall athletics. I think we all deserve a lovely rest this weekend!

Y6 Team Building

We all enjoyed spending time together this morning working on challenges in teams.  First, we had to communicate and cooperate to get in height and then birthday order without moving off the line on the playground.

Next we had to work as a team to travel across the river using three pieces of newspaper without stepping in the water. There were some very clever ways of crossing, including piggy-backs! Well done everyone!

Y5/6 this week

It has been a very busy week in Y5/6.

Our Y6’s have really enjoyed taking part in Bikeability. In English we have been looking at non-chronological reports and today we completed our big write, creating a report all about the yellow-spotted lizard. The feared (although fictional) creature from our class text: Holes. In Y5 maths we have started our new unit on addition and subtraction as well as revising some knowledge on Roman Numerals. In science we have been thinking about nutrition and we compared different breakfast cereals. Some were quite interesting! In RE we thought about the question Who am I?

Have a wonderful weekend,

Miss Cheetham

Y5/6 this week

What a lovely week we’ve had.

Today we have completed our Big Write: an informal letter from Stanley to his mum. We looked at using relative clauses to add extra information and planned our introduction and conclusions really carefully.

In Maths, Year 5 have been thinking about 5-digit numbers, rounding and we started to look at 6-digit numbers yesterday which we will carry on with next week. Year 6 have been looking at place value of 7-digit numbers and rounding.

In RE we thought about people that deserve a prize for peace, thinking about the qualities we have and how we can use those qualities for good. In Art we looked at the work of Henri Rousseau and had a go at re-creating part of his work. Today we have been researching animals of the Amazon and thinking about how they are adapted for their environment. We found out that pink dolphins really do exist- the amazon river dolphin!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Miss C x

For children not in school


Throughout the coming weeks I am aware that there will be occasions that individual children will need to be at home for various reasons. If a child is ill, I would not be expecting them to work as they will need to recover. However, for children needing isolate (e.g. awaiting test results or symptoms in the household) and able to work I will direct the children to some learning on Google Classroom. I will talk to the children in school about how and where to find this. All children should have been sent an invite to our new classroom, so just need to login to Google Classroom.

Have a lovely day,

Miss C x

Welcome to Y5/6!

Wow, what an amazing start! I have had the best week getting to know you all. Thank you to all the children for adapting so well. Although things have been slightly different, it has still been a great week and I’m so proud of every child in the way they have settled back in.

We have had lots of fun and done lots of exciting things. We have asked ‘Can I build another me?’, created some artwork for our reading corner and RE display, written about what we didn’t do in the summer holidays, started our Geography topic on the Amazon and even managed to complete an arithmetic paper. I’m so proud of every child and please don’t worry about these scores, it’s to help give an indication of where we are at and how to make progress in the coming weeks There will be things the children might not yet know on there. The children will be allowed to bring these home next week after I have had chance to look through them. 

It was also lovely to begin our RE topic thinking about ‘Ourselves’. Each child was given a piece of paper and everyone wrote  something positive about them on the paper- I hope they have all saved them. It is so great to know what amazing, kind and friendly children we have in our class. We have started reading our class novel called No Ballet Shoes in Syria by Catherine Bruton which has been lovely to share.

I’m really excited about this year to see all the children to grow into the independent confident children I know they can be.

Have a lovely weekend everybody. Miss C x

Final Week

Hello Superstars,

Wow how quick has this year gone?! It seems like only yesterday we were getting to know each other on transition day. I’m going to miss you all so much and I’m so thankful for the time we spent together. Thank you for being superstars all year and getting on with what has proved to be the craziest school year I have ever experienced.

This week in school we will be having lots of fun and enjoying our final few days together. Year 5, at home I have set some simple revision tasks for you to get on with- nothing too difficult for the final week. Find all the information on Google Classroom.

Maths- MyMaths tasks.

English- Revision on Coordinating and subordinating conjunctions. Can you create a fact poster to remind yourselves of these key facts for next year?

Science: Final lesson all about rocks!

Art: The circle challenge

RE: Continue with the Summer of Hope CAFOD task- I’ve seen some great work so far.

As always, find some time for something physical and lots of reading! I’m excited to show you the new books I’ve ordered to read over the summer.

I can’t wait to spend the last few days together. I hope you all have a lovely and restful summer.

Miss C x

Home learning 6th July

Hello superstars,

There is not long left until the summer now and it seems like this year has flown by super quickly!

This week’s learning is all available on the Google Classroom as usual. Keep an eye on Google Classroom for more information about things happening this week. There might be some additional things for transition happening soon.

English: Follow the Oak lessons, this week we are going to be working on a non chronological report- remember the one we did all about the Yellow-spotted lizard earlier this year?

Maths: Continuing with the conversions unit from Oak. For those not coming into school, there will also be 2 MyMaths lessons for you.

Science: How do rocks on our Earths surface change?

PSHE: Transition lesson

RE: CAFOD ‘Summer of Love’

I have also added some information about the South Yorkshire Sports Day happening on Friday. It would be great to see lots of you joining in.

For those not coming into school this week, there is also:

Art: Juan Miro Automatic drawing- I can’t wait to see what you create!


As always, keep up with your daily reading. I’d love to hear what books you are currently enjoying.

I hope you all have a wonderful week,

Miss C x