Science Week: Curiosity Box

On Wednesday, we had full day of science! We enjoyed exploring our science topic of Evolution and Inheritance in the field of Genetics. We received a letter from a boy called Chris who has just been given a diagnosis of Retinitis Pigmentosa. He wanted to know more about his condition. We explored how we inherit different characteristics and made our own genetic key chain. After this we considered which characteristics were most popular by creating our class tree of characteristics. We then used pom poms to model how genes are passed through a family tree. It was interesting to notice how different each child can be despite starting with same genetic great-grandparents.

In the afternoon, we got to see what it is like to live with Retinitis Pigmentosa and tried doing lots of basic tasks. We quickly realised it must be a real challenge to live with the condition. We then did some genetic testing to find out which family members inherited the gene and explored using gene therapy to correct the ‘faulty genes’. The whole day was amazing and we really enjoyed it. Thank you to our amazing visitors!

This week

This week has been a really fantastic week for Y5/6. All the children have made a real effort to make the right choices and be noticed for all the right reasons. I was left with no choice but to offer the class with reward time at the end of the week for their fabulous effort. Well done Y5/6!

In geography, we explored how fold mountains (like the Alps) were created. We know that this took millions of years but we sped up the process with our playdoh tectonic plates to see what really happened.

In science, we have been exploring evolution and inheritance. Today, we have been learning about genetics including chromosomes, DNA and dominant and recessive genes. We made our own chromosomes and DNA from craft materials.

RE- Lent

For the beginning of our Lent topic on Sacrifice, we thought about the word giving. We read a story about a young carer and the sacrifices they make for their family. We shared stories of how we have given. There are some really thoughtful individuals in our class and I was impressed that every child could share where they have given to someone in need. The children created word clouds, thinking about words related to giving and we used these to create some lovely poetry. There were some really beautiful poems- what a thoughtful class we have!

World Book Day

Today has been a really lovely day. We began the morning with Miss Chambers reading us a story. Then we watched a World Book Day live event with lots of exciting speakers and performances from Matilda and MC Grammar. During this, we each created a book cover or image to contribute to our wonderful class door. All the children put in lots of effort and I have been so impressed with the collaborative outcome. Following this, we took part in an Author Academy with Rashmi Sirdeshpande. She is the author of Think Like a Boss which is one of the books available with the World Book Day voucher. She helped us to explore empathy and how we can consider solving other people’s problems in order to become a boss. We thought carefully about a wide variety of problems people can face and created our own inventions to solve them. I was really impressed by how thoughtful many of the children were in their inventions.

Being a bird!

In science this term we have been looking at animals and their adaptations. Yesterday, we really enjoyed pretending to be birds and using different ‘beaks’ to try and eat different ‘foods’. We decided that marbles really do make terrible food however elastic bands (or worms) are perfect for easy eating!


Today our year 5 children enjoyed their last swimming session. The children have been excellent throughout their swimming sessions. I have been very proud of how they have demonstrated the school rules at each session: being ready, respectful and safe at all times. Well done year 5’s.

From next Monday, we will return to our normal PE session on a Monday afternoon for all children in the class.

The children will therefore need to wear PE kits on Monday and Thursdays. However, this Thursday is school photo day and so children should attend in full uniform and bring their PE kit to change into.

Virtual Veldrome

Today we had a wonderful time experiencing the virtual velodrome. We each took it in turns to first practice, then complete a flying lap. There were some really impressive times and every child pushed themselves. It was really fantastic to see every child give it their best.

The best part, however, was seeing the children’s support for one another. There was lots of cheering and clear pride in other classmates’ success.

Well done Y5/6.

Y5 Swimming

I hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas and are ready for the new term.

Just a quick reminder that the Y5’s from our class will be swimming Monday mornings. This begins tomorrow (10/01/22). The children need to arrive at school with swimming kit at 8.30 to ensure we arrive at the pool on time.

Miss Cheetham