This Friday our class can come in non-uniform. We will be having a treat for filling our class jar of marbles. We will be watching a film and having some treats. Well done for being amazing!

World Book Day

What a fabulous day! The children have all been amazing buddy’s to the Y2/3 class. I was so impressed by the way they read to the younger children and then showed them how to make monster bookmarks. The costumes were also amazing- Well Done! Sorry not all the children are in the photos- there were lots of blurry ones from the excitement!

Advent Liturgies

As part of our preparation in Advent we will be holding simple Advent services in our classroom at the end of the day. We would love to have you join us at 3pm.
Mrs Clack has a sign up sheet in the office for our class or you can send me an email.

Our services will be held on :-

Week 1 – Wednesday 5th December  and Friday 7th December.

Week 2 – Monday 10th December, Tuesday 11th December and Wednesday 12th December.

Week 3 – Monday 17th December  and Thursday 20th December.
The children have worked in groups to plan their liturgy and have a theme and date. The children should know when their day is; there is a timetable in the Y5/6 classroom.
Many thanks,
Miss Cheetham

Have a great half term break!

I just wanted to say thank you to all the children for an amazing first half term together. I am truly lucky to have such a wonderful class, each and every child makes our class so special.

Over half term I have asked the children to practice all the spellings we have learnt this half term- I am aware some have left their spelling journals in school so here is the full list.

Y6 Spellings Autumn 1 2018

Finally, thank you for making my Birthday so lovely. All the children have made me feel super special. Thank you for the cards and gifts- I am so grateful!

I hope you all have lovely half term breaks. Look after yourselves and your families and I look forward to seeing you all on the 5th November.

Miss Cheetham

Tremendous Topic

Our topic is the Mayans and today (Friday) we were looking at the Mayan Creation Story.

Next, we did pop-up books about the Mayan creation story. We all did different scenes. In total, we will have 3 different books as everyone made one page. We all had an epic time in the end and all came up with very creative ideas and brought them to life fantastically. We look forward to doing more exciting things like this in the future and hope you look forward to hearing about them. It was quite a day! The only down side was that the day had to come to an end. Goodbye for another week.

Year 5 Class bloggers: Angela, Katie and Maeve.

Poetry Day Amazing

On Thursday, it was National Poetry Day. We went to the Year 2/3 classroom and partnered up with them.

We wrote poems with them about the changes of Autumn as this year’s theme is change. We had a brilliant time.

We made 3 poems: 5W’s, Two verse and Chinquian. We had a lot of fun and will look after our buddies for the rest of the year. We will now help them with writing their class blog as we are more experienced. It was great. We all had a lovely time.

Y6 Class Bloggers: Mabel, Anna and Aoife.

Week 2

This week was very fun!

On Monday, we had a visitor from the charity The British Red Cross. We had some fun thinking about if we should stay or leave our homes in different scenarios.

On Tuesday, we learnt about forces in Science. We experimented with different magnets and we wrote about what we knew and what we wanted to know in a KWL grid.

On Thursday, we did the Mayans. We learnt about how they spoke, and we identified different pictures about the Mayans. We found out what Pok-a-Tok was: a game in which you could be sacrificed at the end.

On Friday, we had two people from Sheffield United come in. We learnt about exercise and played some football. It was really fun!

Written by the Y6 class bloggers: Mabel, Aoife and Anna.