Monday 6th April- Holy Week

Good Morning Y5/6,

Here is this week’s work. I have separated into suggested days but feel free to mix it up! I haven’t included Friday as it is Good Friday but the art activity and the Easter quiz might be nice if you wanted to spread things out.

Please let me know if you would like to be part of the Holy Week liturgies, so I can let you know what to do. These will need to be completed Monday/Tuesday so I can send them on for editing!

This week’s project

Write the Easter Story in your own words. There are resources to help you on Google Classroom. I am looking for you to use your best writing skills, think about good punctuation skills and I would like to see some impressive description. There is a basic Google Slides to help you structure your story, but you can change/adapt this or even start from scratch – it is totally up to you! After reading your great stories 2 weeks ago, I’m really looking forward to reading them.


Y5: MyMaths Multiply by 10 and 100

Spelling Quiz on Google Classroom


Y5: MyMaths Divide by 10 and 100

Easter Calculations Sheet on Google Classroom


Y5: MyMaths Short Mulitplication

Easter Quiz on Google Classroom


Y5: Arithmetic 2 on Google Classroom

Easter Artwork- create some cross-based artwork, ideas on Google Classroom


You should also be doing daily reading, TTRS , Lexia (if you have it) and something physical everyday for at least 30 minutes. Try to get outside if you can, remembering to stay safe.

I hope you all have a wonderful week and I look forward to hearing from you all on Google Classroom.

Stay safe and keep smiling,

Miss Cheetham x

Holy Week

Today is Palm Sunday and marks the beginning of Holy Week.  With the reality of not being able to physically spend this time together as a parish and school community, we would like to still bring everyone together as best we can online.  We have a plan for every child who wishes to, to contribute to a liturgy by either pre-recording a reading, or making a picture.  We will then share this with the whole community on Maundy Thursday and Easter Sunday.   If you would like your child to be a part of this, please let Miss Cheetham know on Google Classroom or via email and you will be given further instructions. Most children will be asked to create a picture to be used, this will be specified depending on the number of children who wish to be involved. 

Please note that the video or image that is submitted will be published online, including social media, as part of the Holy Week liturgy for St Wilfrid’s and St Thomas of Canterbury Schools.  By sharing any media, you are consenting for this to be used in this way.  

If you would like to take part, please email Miss Cheetham by Monday lunchtime so I can give further instructions.

Have a lovely day,

Miss Cheetham

Wednesday 1st April

Good Morning,

Remember all tasks are available for throughout the week. Here are today’s suggested tasks:

Y5 Maths

MyMaths: Modelling fractions and percentages


Continue to work on your WW1 project

Other activities

I have added an April Crossword  on Google Classroom – Optional extra for fun!

Lexia (20 minutes daily); Reading on MyOn; Something physical; TTRS

I look forward to seeing what you get up to today!

Stay safe and keep smiling,

Miss C x


Tuesday 31st March

Good Morning,

Great effort yesterday from many of you. I’m pleased to see so many of you contributing to the TTRS battle, well done! Remember I have set up all work for the week on Google Classroom but here are today’s activities.

Today’s Activities

Y5 Maths

MyMaths Fractions to Decimals

Y6 Maths– look on the Y6 blog.  2x MyMaths activities and knowledge organiser flashcard activity.

Other work

Reading Comprehension WW1 (Google Classroom)Write your answers on paper then mark it yourself (or get a parent or sibling to help you) the answers are on the last page. Let me know you have done it!


WW1 project: Use research and knowledge you already have to create a presentation all about World War 1. Remember this is something to work on throughout the week.  I’m really looking forward to reading them on Friday!

Ongoing activities

TTRS battle VS the Y6 class. Battle is happening now and finishes Friday at 4pm. Y6 are putting up a good battle so far!

20 minutes Daily Lexia OR 20 minutes Reading on MyOn. 10 of you read at least 1 book yesterday, some read more. Well done, let’s keep it up.

Something physical or outside if possible.

Stay safe and keep smiling,

Miss C x

Computing Work

Mrs Sadler has added some computing tasks for you to complete on the computing blog.

Computing Blog

Scroll down to find the Year 5 and 6 activities. If you need any advice on how to log in to anything, contact Mrs Sadler on or let me know on Google Classroom and I will try to help!

Miss C x

Monday 30th March

Good Morning,

I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend. I am sharing all the work for this week today. From the quiz Friday, many of you were happy with daily tasks set and a larger project, however some would like to know what to expect for the rest of the week. With this in mind, I have suggested which activities to do each day and will continue to add a blog daily with these activities. However, all the activities are available all week, so you can pick and choose what to focus on. My advice would be ‘eat the frog’- do the bits you like least first, then everything gets better!

Y5 Maths

Monday: Arithmetic Quiz (Google Classroom)

Tuesday: MyMaths Fractions to Decimals

Wednesday: MyMaths Modelling fractions and percentages

Thursday: MyMaths Frac Dec Perc 1

Friday: NRich activity found here:

Y6 Maths– look on the Y6 blog (I will add it here when I can.)

Other work

Monday: Fix the punctuation (Google Classroom)

Tuesday: Reading Comprehension WW1 (Google Classroom)

Wednesday: April Crossword (Google Classroom) Optional extra for fun.

Thursday: Vocabulary Quiz (Google Classroom)

Friday:  Make it fly Science activity (Instructions shared in Google Classroom)Optional extra, but lots of fun!


WW1 project: Use research and knowledge you already have to create a presentation all about World War 1.

On Google classroom, I have included a link to the BBC bitesize page which we have been using in school. Here are some suggestions of things to include: causes; solider recruitment and pals battalions; life in the trenches; men’s role (front line and home front); women’s role (front line and home front). There is also some interesting information about weapons and animals that you might want to include. You might have other ideas to add too as you do your research. I’m really looking forward to reading them on Friday!

Ongoing activities

TTRS battle VS the Y6 class. Battle starts at 9am today and finishes Friday at 4pm. They are already feeling very competitive after we beat them last time. Let’s make sure we win again!

Reading on MyOn. Last week we read for 842 minutes. Can we beat it? Don’t worry if you’re reading ‘real’ books instead- they are just as important!

Something physical. There are so many links to videos you can use including Joe Wicks. Or you could enjoy going for a walk with your family (keeping your distance from others) whilst spotting rainbows or playing in the garden.

The most important thing to remember is to stay safe and keep smiling! If there is anything you need, let me know.

Miss Cheetham x

Friday 27th March

Good Morning SuperStars!

We have made it to the end of week 1 of home learning. Well Done! I’m so proud of all the effort you have made this week. I’m an extremely proud teacher.

Today, I have added a quiz to Google Classroom to find out how you’re getting on. I’m interested to find out your thoughts on this week.

Please also check if you have completed these things for this week:

  • (Y5 only) 5x mymaths activities (the last should start today)
  • (Y6 only) 2x mymaths activities and 1x arithmetic paper
  • Space project
  • Adventure story
  • Grammar Quiz
  • TTRS
  • Lexia (If you have it)

Lots of you have been super amazing and I’m so impressed with your attitudes. I’m looking forward to reading all your stories and space presentations. Remember to look after yourselves.

Miss C x