Week 2

This week was very fun!

On Monday, we had a visitor from the charity The British Red Cross. We had some fun thinking about if we should stay or leave our homes in different scenarios.

On Tuesday, we learnt about forces in Science. We experimented with different magnets and we wrote about what we knew and what we wanted to know in a KWL grid.

On Thursday, we did the Mayans. We learnt about how they spoke, and we identified different pictures about the Mayans. We found out what Pok-a-Tok was: a game in which you could be sacrificed at the end.

On Friday, we had two people from Sheffield United come in. We learnt about exercise and played some football. It was really fun!

Written by the Y6 class bloggers: Mabel, Aoife and Anna.


Super Start

I apologise for the delay in posting this- it’s taken a while to get passwords and logins swapped. The year 5 class bloggers wrote this about our first week back:

We started our Tuesday morning with a game, so we could say good morning to everyone. We had to say ‘Good-morning’ everytime we passed the teddy- or teddies as Miss Cheetham kept adding more and more teddies!

On Thursday, we did a big write and added pictures on the paper. We did them very creatively as we used our own new watercolours. We are very grateful for the resources and we are looking forward to doing another big write.

This morning (Friday) we did religious artwork. You could basically choose anything you wanted as long as it was related to being part of a Catholic school and community. We got to use our watercolours again :).

Our Y5s learnt about P4C (Philosophy For Children) for the first time and our Y6s got to do it again.

Put together by Y5 class bloggers- Angela, Katie and Maeve.

Welcome to Year 5/6

It might be a little late but welcome to year 5/6. I am really looking forward to our year together!

This year I have decided to have class bloggers, so many of the posts will have been written by the children themselves.

I will be uploading homework onto the blog weekly. Both year groups will be given Maths and English (Reading and/or Grammar) homework on Wednesdays to be completed for the following Tuesday. We will be marking the homework together, enabling the children to take ownership of their learning.

As always, please contact me if you have any questions, issues or concerns.

Miss Cheetham